Sree Lakshmi's story

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Sree Lakshmi's world consisted of just her husband and her two college-going girls. In her 18 years of married life, she was contented with being a housemaker and a loving wife and mother.

One fine day, Nirmaan's volunteers knocked at her door, asking if she would be interested in learning how to stitch clothes at the Fatehnagar training institute of Nirmaan. Sree Lakshmi saw this as an opportunity to provide additional financial support for her children's education. Besides, she always wanted to learn how to stitch clothes, but could not find the right teacher. She was more than happy to accept the offer, and as soon as her training ended, she began doling out pretty clothes for children.

And then came Corona, followed by the lockdown, which made countless number of people idle, including her husband. Thankfully, she was not impacted because she switched to making masks!

With help from Nirmaan, she received training on making masks. She now earns up to 500 to 600 rupees a week making masks, which is enough to sustain her family at this time.

Sree Lakshmi is all praises for her teacher, Vanaja.

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